The Mayan world is, without a doubt, the most impressive cultural manifestation in Mesoamerica. It is truly far-reaching as it encompasses a region of the Mexican southeast that includes the states of Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, Quintana Roo and part of Chiapas. Throughout this Mexican southeast we can find treasures from this culture with a legacy that has been transcendental for today´s humanity; Their cosmic vision, their mathematical calculations, their numeric system, their agriculture, their magnificent constructions and art, the prediction of seasonal cycles, the study of the universe, their magic and mysticism, their seamanship, the invention of the calendar and the only writing system native to America, are only a few of the characteristics that make the Mayan civilization one of the most sought after cultures to study in the past decades.

The main archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula are a legacy of the ancient Mayan culture, such as Cobá, Tikal, Ek’Balam, Copán, Tulum, Uxmal and of course Chichén Itzá, recently declared part of the Cultural Legacy for Humanity by UNESCO. These are cities full of splendor, magic and culture that have left a boundlessly valuable legacy for the world to enjoy.